01. Counterfeit Money

We have one of the most qualified and international versed staff who have experience and knowledge of how the world functions at large and can communicate with our customers from any background 

02. Fake Documents

Our logistic services, w can assure you are one of the best out there. And we make sure our services are been upgraded every time to meet the needs and wants of our customers and the right time possible.

03. Passports

Ground shipping. we have over 50 flits of trucks shipments to various destinations and we use the most recent technologies and customized technologies and software to suit our unique service

Our Company Progress

2017 77%
2018 81%
2019 92%

We would like to extend an invitation for pets to become part of our family. Our services also extend to pets and also as a principle outlet to share and motivation in all works and likes of life to be included. Social responsible and animal welfare are part of our driving force, that is why this service was included and brought to life in our Company.We believe in a Company which will help further the human-animal bond by providing services that will simplify such relationships



WHAT Our Clients Say

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0 Countries Covered
0 Offices Worldwide



    Have some Questions?

    We receive and treat every transaction uniquely and differently from any other transaction, your tracking number is given only to you and cant be accessed
    by any other person unless given by you. and your pricavy is not been published .

    We are currently not recruiting, but when we start recruiting we will let you know and put a form for applicants to fill .

    This case now varies. Transactions with huge amount are been stored in our data base for upto 2 months in case off proof of transaction should anything come up, but transactions with minimal amount, the details are been wiped out after the goods are cleared, usually after three days.

    Apart from transportation, we offer the following services, logistics, “pets transportation”, storage, ware housing, truck services.

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