All In One Printers – A Good Choice for Home Users

Most all of the all in one printer machines for sale in the market place are generally well-built, multi function units which possess a cheap cost as well as lots of functions intended for the household user. Even though there tend to be more styles, sizes along with different kinds of printers on the market for the home as well as small business user than ever before, the competitors have made it possible to have loads of choices with a great spectrum of price tags as well as functions. Multi-purpose or all in one designs typically are available in both laser and inkjet models, with the inkjet being the most used and most widely used in homes and they are still the most cost effective and feature packed types for the general household user, due to the fact of their cheaper price tag, ability to print quality photo and color prints at an affordable cost, as compared with color laser models and of course the fax, scan and copy functions.

Inkjet printers are a good option for many since they have a lower preliminary purchase cost. They will likely be more expensive to run though as the ink is more expensive when scored on a per page basis. An additional choice is the laser printer, which actually costs more for the machine itself, but will cost less for ink in the long run, since the cost per page is lower. The actual prices of all in one machines are so low at this point that the manufacturers don’t make any profit on them or very little profit, it’s actually with Selling the ink and toner cartridges over and over is where the manufacturers make the money.

If you’d like printing in color features, you’ll probably wish to opt for a machine which uses inkjet technology. Laser units may yield a greater output quality, however many of these can make just black-and-white documents. Color laser devices are quite pricey. Today, all in one models of printers are on hand from just about all printing device suppliers. They are suitable for home, small business and commercial use. Obviously, the price, user friendliness, durability, output, cost per page for toner along with some other issues will differ with numerous units, but in general they all perform the same functions, to print, scan, make copies and fax. As far as printing supplies, these models use the exact same supplies as all other types, toner refills for laser models, ink cartridges if it is an inkjet printer, as well as photo paper should you be creating pics.

As far as brand names go for all in one printer models the choices are plentiful. Canon, HP, Epson, Lexmark and Brother all offer these types of printers. The Hp Photosmart Wireless eAll In One model, the Canon PIXMA Wireless Office All-in-One Printer MX340, Kodak ESP 9250 All-in-One Printer and the Lexmark Prestige Pro805 Wireless are some of the top user rated machines on the market.

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