AV-MIXX Dilution Control System | Troubleshooting

The Av-Mixx Dilution Control System is convenient and makes cleaning easy. The system will save you money by eliminating chemical waste and can dilute multiple Av-mIxx, Ecopure and Biomor Chemicals.

• SAVES MONEY by eliminating chemical waste
• CLEANS MORE EFFECTIVELY by using Avmor’s recognized formulations
• ONE DISPENSER can be used to dilute
• MULTIPLE cleaning products
• Provides ACCURATE dilutions
• CLEANS FASTER by reducing setup and mixing time
• SAFE for users by preventing chemical contact

Avmor : Clean for health, Clean for the environment, Clean for performance.
Contact Avmor for a complete sustainable solution for your cleaning needs.
1 800-387-8074 or info@avmor.com.

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