Billion dollar Black Dollar currency cleaning – EXPOSED SCAM

Radio 419 broadcasting at full megahertz until the Mugu hurts and wants to see Oga be punished but them you must click on the word JOIN below the video for VIP access. This video has a guest appearance by African Supercop Ali G

Some people complaining that they want a long black dollar video so I give you some of my investigative footage into the 419 cartel. Over an hour of evidence and the latest evidence just arrived today and is included as bonus footage. This is a small taster of some of the small boys, the big boys are going to be uploaded soon for all VIP members of Radio 419 muguhertz.

Tonnes of Mugu Vs Mumu action as they battle to grab the fortunes of an American Soldier who found either Saddam or Bin Laden vast amount of dollars painted black to be delivered to their mugu darlings in a romance scam and then more money will be milked to clean the money – get on the bandwagon with guest star Aly the African Cop and Jammy Jamal the squealing Black dollar boy as we hunt for the devil himself – LUCIFER

We are presently investigating the COVID supplies 419 gang that have successfully scammed major nations that are ashamed to admit that millions of tax payers money was spent to buy masks and covid test-kits that never arrived.

All the chemicals are demonstrated in the latest high tech dollar cleaning machines SSD solution, Tourmaline, Vectrol paste, Humine powder, Automatic DX-1, Tebi-magnetic, Caltrox Oxide, Paracient Powder, Zuta S4 , PK58 and reactivators all used as entertaining props to give the mugus some action and excitement a small amount of real dollar bills are used to make sure they fall hook line and sinker for the classic black money laundering scam that has evolved to higher and higher levels over the past 50 years. We reveal the very latest in scanning video 3D dollar cleaning machines, come on you have to admit these scammers are creative and hardworking at developing their latest and greatest scam formats with props that dazzle and confuse mugus so badly they get chopped yet again and again as the muguhunters squeeze the last dollars from their victims.

48 thoughts on “Billion dollar Black Dollar currency cleaning – EXPOSED SCAM

  1. hello sir ✊ . Sorry no disrespect meant for you , you have good videos it was in a few other videos you mention my AFP and FBI as being useless , I didn’t mean to be rude , I was just hoping to point out that we all have strengths and weaknesses and my team I work for are very professional we deal with the financial scammers here inside Australia as we too have a large Nigerian population mostly in Melbourne and Sydney , I like to see how you do it , great job , but we all have our bad apples amongst us . Like the bible says . That Thai cop Mr Ferrari , we have our bad ones just the same , as do the Nigerians many are good Christian men but they always have those Black Axe gang amongst them here in Australia too, if I ever hear of anything you Thai police would like to know I will leave a comment with my email. Thanks for your good work , sorry for that old rugby player 419 er , he left Australia as he had run out of mugu to chop , so he left Australia illegally , my boss knows the full story , good luck brother. The old Australian men who go to Thailand some are perverted , I think some are ok just wanting to retire but I really apologise for their crude behaviour , they leave thinking they can get away with it in Cambodia, Thailand , Vietnam . But they forgot about you in Thailand and Thai police catch them good , sorry from AFP officer

  2. Even a naive mugu could tell that amazing machine is the obvious thing that giveaway that you are a scammer.

    hahaha no thank to the machine maker. said scammer say so 😀

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