Buyers Guide to Finding Cheap Dooney and Bourke Purses

Finding a discounted Dooney and Bourke on sale is a process that has been greatly simplified by the increase of overstock, person to person marketplaces, wholesale and liquidation web sites. You no longer have to go store to store asking sales associates for what is on sale or has been returned. Most of the research and shopping can be done online and from the comfort of your home or office.

I have been in consignment sales for almost a decade and have a lifetime of experience in deal finding. The truth of the matter is that the top knockoffs are being produced at incredible quality, and most of the “how to spot a fake Dooney guides” don’t hold up. You would have to know every detail of every styles and every change in design to spot the best fakes with consistency.

I have found the following three steps to be incredibly useful in finding cheap Dooney handbags, and they have kept me from buying fake purses.

Doing Research

  • Go window shopping at local luxury stores to see what is currently out.
  • You have to know what you are looking for before you buy it. Don’t be surprised by the size, weight or style. Hold the Dooney and Bourke Purse; carry the bag; and open, touch and inspect every aspect of the Dooney handbag.
  • Use the official Dooney and Bourke website for further research
  • Once you find what bag you are interested in, go to Dooney & Bourke com to do more fact finding. You might find other styles and sizes that belong to the line that were not carried in the store that you like more. Record the official name and number because they can be helpful later.

Establish a Limit

  • The best part about the Dooney and Bourke line is that they are very few purses that are priced outside of the average range for an employed buyer. You can find brand new Dooney bags for well under $300 and used bags under $150.
  • Take the MSRP or full retail value as the starting point. (If you are shopping online, make sure you add and shipping and handling charges.) Go to the completed listings section on eBay and find the cheapest related auctions that have closed in the last month. (Make sure you don’t unintentionally compare new Dooney and Bourke Purses to used bags – use filters in the advanced search) Once you find this number, record it as the cheapest price. Lastly get an average of all the bags that were sold that are related to your desired bag, taking note not to accidentally count used bags if you are only looking for new Dooneys and vice versa.
  • You should now have a scale. (Cheapest Dooney —– Average Dooney —— MSRP Dooney) Use this as a savings measurement and a method to rate your success at finding Discounted / Cheap Dooney and Bourke Purses. I personally strive to fall between the lowest selling price and the average Dooney. 

Take advantage of an opportunity

  • Once you have established a limit, it is time to find a great deal. Look for auctions selling Cheap Dooney and Bourke Purses that fit some or all of these conditions, and you could get a great deal on a D&B purse.
    • Search for misspellings
    • Search for Dooney and Bourke purses that have been miscategorized
    • Search for basic or short titles that reduce competition by being less descriptive
    • Shop for Cheap Dooneys that end on holidays
    • Shop for auctions that end at obscure hours (very early in the morning or late at night)
    • Look for purses being sold out of season
    • Look for substitutes to the new Dooney and Bourke purses by finding lightly used handbags and store returns
    • Submit a “Best Offer” if available

Verify Authenticity and Seller Honesty

  • Here is a list of questions that I answer by looking at the auction description or by sending the seller an email:
  • What is the seller’s Feedback Rating in the last year, 6 months, month and week?
  • How many transactions have they completed selling just luxury purses?
  • Are they well over 98% positive response rate?
  • What are some of the comments that are left by the buyers?
  • What is the detailed condition of the purse (smells, markings, stains, etc)?
  • Is the bag registered?
  • Does it have the registration card, original packing, dust bag or tags?
  • Do you have original, detailed pictures?
  • Do they have a return policy?
  • Do they have a money-back guarantee?
  • Do they have a policy on authenticity?
  • Do they have, and do I understand the terms of service?
  • Do they take PayPal or some other secure payment method?

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