Buying Coach Handbags on Craigslist and eBay

eBay or other comparable auction websites are great places to find amazing deals on your favorite Coach purses and handbags. It is important to note, though, that there are some shady sellers out there that can’t be trusted. Those who know will tell you that there are numerous sellers out there trying to sell fake Coach purses to unwary clients.

Please do not let yourself be one of those that are fooled by these fake Coach purses. Fortunately, there are several ways to effortlessly spot knockoffs. If you know what to look for, you will be able to spot a fake every time.

Watch out for any one who has a bunch of the same bag for sale There are sites that sell the phony Coach purses for a discount in high volume and dishonest sellers often buy from these places so they have many of the same purses.

The easiest way to spot a fake handbag is to inspect the product pictures posted by the seller. Sellers of faux Coach bags commonly take images of genuine Coach hand bags from and put them in their listing; you are best to avoid these sellers. Last but not least, if only a single picture of low quality is available, the seller may be hiding something and you should steer clear of this purchase. A reasonably good product photo will generally give a good indication as to the bags authenticity.

Make sure you examine the posting details very carefully. Be leery if the seller fails to make any declaration of genuineness. Unfortunately it’s not unusual for shady Auction web sites sellers to avoid flat out lying, but often they will not tell you the whole truth.

Be sure to look at the seller’s feedback rating as well. A bad rating is a certain indicator of a merchant that you may want to keep away from. I always play it safe and stay away from sellers with very little or no feedback. Check the sellers feedback if available, looking for clues indicating either the authenticity of the bags or the fact that they are fakes. Of course you can also email the seller with inquiries.

Possibly the best way to safeguard yourself when buying on the web is to make your purchases with PayPal. When you use PayPal you are immediately qualified for $2000 dollars in protection if some thing goes wrong with the purchase. By disputing a transaction with PayPal, you can still get your cash back even if, in spite of following this article, you get stuck with a counterfeit handbag.

You can typically buy at websites like eBay with relative confidence and get some excellent deals. As you take this guidance to heart you can purchase Coach Bags at wonderful prices. Enjoy the great new Coach handbag!

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