Color Variety in Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Products

Reaction injection molding (RIM) custom colors should be a must when ordering specialized RIM products. With the capabilities of some manufacturers to be able to match colors almost exactly, it pays to do the search to match custom wheel chocks for a utility business, cable protectors for an event center or specific products for an automotive, medical or mining company. Even if none of these specialty products are ordered, the RIM products that are being ordered in a standard color can most likely be ordered in a RIM custom color.

Basic RIM Colors

Whether reaction injection molding is used with higher pressure or lower pressure for specified hardness, the basic colors used would be the primary colors of red, yellow, blue and black. Some RIM operators purchase the components with “first string color” that is added before the mixing even occurs. While this works for many RIM product applications, a custom color addition would not cause a significant cost increase, so going with a reaction injection molding custom color is a great choice.

Custom Color Needs

Other operators use the raw materials of a polyisocynate component and a resin mixture and then combine the color at the mix head, also known as the third string. This more effective way of adding color on the third string is what enables a more specialized and accurate color match. In addition, with the color added at the third string, it allows for faster and more efficient cleaning process, saving the manufacturer and the purchaser time and money.

RIM History with Color

With reaction injection molding only being available in the US for just over 50 years, RIM has come a long way with the machine tooling and being able to mix RIM custom colors. When Otto Bayer invented the process to develop polyurethanes, it changed the way injection molded parts were made. Matched colors have been available for most of those years, although advanced technologies and specialized processes have refined the procedure. With the thousands of formulations available and the availability of RIM custom color, so many products can be manufactured using RIM technology.

Managing RIM Custom Colors

When you work with a reaction injection molding company to develop a particular product, you will hopefully encounter a professional on the production staff. This individual will guide you through the process of scanning in the color you’d like to match with to potential final color. By meeting with your manufacturer’s representative one-on-one you have a much more likely chance of receiving the color match that you can be satisfied with.

RIM Custom Color Results

When a RIM custom color process is used, a good surface finish will result. And because it has been mixed on the third string, the color will be consistent throughout. This is important especially when the item will be used in environments where the potential for injury to the item is high. Mining and construction wheel chocks developed using RIM technology will be subject to rough roads, gravel and huge tires. The constant abuse of the wheel chocks may eventually cause some damage to them, but the color will remain constant.

Using reaction injection molding custom colors is the way to specialize the product that you have manufactured.

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