Crack dealer busted – Biblical interrogation technique + micro-expressions

Interrogation technique: chuckles and the Bible . Whenever brutal crack dealers need to be brought to book like the lovely cute man in this video then just wait patiently while they toke their spliffs behind the snooker club at 4am in the morning, the shock of being busted will turn them violent only for a few seconds but they rapidly calm down when they realise they are no longer so fast and agile, if a criminal comes nicely then be nice to him; a police officer has no right to use violence and intimidation when some gentle psychology will achieve a better smoother result and better intelligence will be gathered on the entire gang. The dealer asks how I know he is lying so apart from my personal intel can you the viewer spot all the tell tale micro-expressions he makes? Never get high, on your own supply and here is the reason why – watch the video and find out 🙂 Remember hard drugs destroy lives and one day sooner or later someone will find a way to bring you to book – the answer is easy – forget about Nike and just don’t do it. This criminal’s real name is Emeka Okwuoma Chinedu Uzohu, his team are now hiding in South Africa, Kenya and Cambodia after his gang fled Thailand in fear of Radio 419 they specialize in bringing cocaine in via phnom penh and ho chi minh and due to the arrested of naive asian women the Nigerians are now employing English and American language teachers and NGOs to carry their drugs for them to earn some extra money on the side. Often these people start out as customers enjoying the smogasboard of top quailty drugs available which European, Aussie and Canadian holiday makers can smuggle home to make humungous profits, when in financial troubles then no problem fresh mules are needed all the time.


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