Deloitte & Touche “A Very Different Approach”

Deloitte and Touche came to us 1997 to make a video to tell the world their mission. They wanted to be in the top three, if not the number one, consulting firms in the world by 2002. This video is just excerpts from the original video.

We came up with this creative because we liked the idea of people talking on the right side of the screen with text on the left. One reason we gave to the client for this creative was that people are vertical so it is a waste of space in 4:3 to have people filling the whole frame! This was a very large budget video, I think over $180K plus travel. This was at the height of the opulent 90’s where money was of no object. Jens my DP, Linda Wolfe my producer, and I traveled the world on Deloitte & Touches dime in first class. We rented the Rogers & Hammerstein suite at the Saint Regis in NY to do interviews. It was a bit glutenous (although a fun experience). The client was going to book us on the Concorde to get us to England super fast for an interview…but it was booked…so they sent us business class on a regular airline (which surprisingly was the same price). I remember doing the job after this video and Jens said, “What no limo?” We had a rude awakening and had to come back to reality. Jens, Linda, and I shot this video in NY, LA, Clairmont, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Boston, London, & Paris. It was a lot of fun to do.

All of the dialogue in this video came from me interviewing each person. (Over 40 people were interviewed). Nobody was reading a script or a teleprompter (except the CEO’s message at the end). Originally, the client thought I would not be able to interview these people because I didn’t understand enough about consulting and the business process (plus everyone in the video was a Harvard business grad and I’m a high school grad). But I told them that’s usually the situation. I had to do my research, and that’s what I always do when preparing for an interview based video. My producer would give me a bio on each of the people I was interviewing so I could be prepared to talk with them about their history and what they are passionate about. It was challenging considering some of the folks I was interviewing. The one I remember the best was Peter Drucker, who left Germany in 1933 and who’s books were burned by the Nazis. He then went on to create the concept of GM’s multi-divisional concept. He is literally the man who inventing the consulting business and business process. We interviewed him at the Peter Drucker University. I’ll never forget when he walked in the room all setup for the interview and said, “I will speak for 15 minutes and there will be no questions.” I let him speak and then asked him to clarify some of the points, and then moved on to other questions, and eventually got endorsement of Deloitte’s business process. Then we interviewed Dr. Michael Hammer, who was listed by TIME magazine as one of America’s 25 most influential individuals. I remember him coming in the interview area screaming holy hell at various Deloitte people because he wasn’t prepped or told it was going to be an on-camera interview. I was thinking how is this going to go well after he just reamed several peoples as#holes! He sat down with a smile and said to me, “Hello I’m Michael Hammer, how do you do,” what a pro. I got one of the best interviews from Dr. Hammer that I’ve ever gotten. We interviewed many other notable people in this video like: Sir David Barnes, CEO Astra Zeneca, as well as CEO’s from major companies like Allstate, Kaiser, Wellpoint, and more.

We shot the video on Betacam SP. As we traveled to these various cities we would buy colored seamless paper and light it with gels to get some dappling and make the color pop. That’s one of the reasons we decided to have the color background, because we knew we could get this paper anywhere in the world and it gave us a consistent look.

The video was edited in the AVID Media Composer. The editor pieced these comments together so as to have people finishing each others sentences. Lucy our editor was amazing at this. The edit took 2 months to do. The way we worked with our editor we would give her the 40 videotapes with no notes, and then left her alone till we saw the first rough cut. We gave her the freedom to do a rough cut however she wanted. We usually would just love what she did, with minor tweaks. We had assembled a production team that had worked together so many times that we could read each others minds. It helps when you don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time.

Director: Steve Weiss
Creative Director: Rick Shaughnessy
Producer: Linda Wolfe
Assoc. Producer: John Lenart
DP: Jens Bogehegn
Key Grip: Dave Schulte
Editor: Lucyna Wojtas
Client: Deloitte & Touche Consulting
Year: 1997
Shot on: Betacam SP
On-line edited: AVID Media Compos

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