Halloween Decorating Ideas on a Dime

Every summer the retail stores start to roll out their Halloween items. You can’t help but to be drawn to some of the items to decorate your home. Every year it seems that the stuff is better than the year before. You can’t help but to think, “What will they think of next?”

You can decorate your entire home in orange and black including your bathroom. You have so many decorating options. You can go with just pumpkins and leave your decorations up a little longer than just until Halloween, or you can go with the spooky ghost, witch, and goblins theme. It probably depends on the age of your children and what your parents did as a kid.

Find orange and black placemats for your dining room table. Then place a large clear bowl in the middle of the table. Fill the bottom up with black marbles and find some orange floating Halloween candles to light. Find some medium size spiders, bats, and ghost that you can hang over the top of your kitchen table with fishing line at varying heights. You could also stretch fake spider webs from each item over your table for an added detail. Sprinkle orange and black confetti around your table. Orange and black cups can be purchased at Wal-Mart for just a few dollars. Or you can use clear glasses and drink orange soda.

If you have a bunch of one item, like a bunch of pumpkins, ghost, witch, etc., group them together on a table. First lay down some lights on the table. You could choose orange, clear, black, or purple. Then stretch out spider web over the top of the lights. Place your items on the top. To have varying heights on your table, place some white styrofoam under the everything to raise certain items up higher than others.

Change out as many light bulbs that you can to orange ones. It is festive and will set the Halloween mood. Don’t forget to light a lot of candles. You can buy in-expensive decorations at the dollar store, you may just need to spice them up a little. A good way to purchase in-expensive items is purchase them in a lot on eBay or shop the after Halloween sales and save them for the next year. It is like Christmas when you get to drag out all of your new items out of the attic. You won’t remember what you bought and be happily surprised when you open the boxes.

Source by Debby Phillips

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