Hemorrhoid Home Remedy – Treating Hemorrhoids With White Oak and Crack Willow

Before, hemorrhoids were not a common thing to have so that those who suffer from it are stigmatized. However, today, nearly everyone has experienced the discomfort and pain of having hemorrhoids (also called piles) at one time or another. This is mainly due to improper diet that is sadly deficient in fiber, and lack of regular exercise, which causes improper and irregular bowel movements.

Herbal Treatments Are the Answer
There are those who suffer from hemorrhoids who refuse to go to the doctor or seek medical assistance. This may be because they are embarrassed about having hemorrhoids, or because they lack the money which they will need for the necessary treatments. The only problem is that they suffer in silence and wait for weeks or even months until the hemorrhoids heal by itself, which is a very unpleasant and difficult experience.

However, you can treat hemorrhoids yourself with certain herbs that have been tried and tested by so many people. They are very effective and are safe to use with very little or no side effects. You will only need to do some research in order to do the necessary herbal preparations that can treat hemorrhoids.

How to Make Your Own Herbal Treatment for Hemorrhoids
There are so many herbs that you can use in treating hemorrhoids:

White Oak
A good example is the extract of the white oak bark. White oak (scientific name Quercus alba) is a common hardwood in the US. It is known to be one of the most long-lived oaks, with some lasting for 600 years or so. Although it is called white oak, you won’t usually find a tree with white bark. In fact, the more common bark color is ashen gray. The bark extract of the white oak is known to increase peristalsis, which helps you to pass your bowels more easily.

In order to use white oak, you just need to boil a teaspoon of the bark in one cup of water. Drink the mixture everyday for one month, or until your hemorrhoids are completely healed.

Crack Willow
Another herbal treatment that you can try involves the use of crack willow. Crack willow (scientific name Salix fragilis) is a deciduous tree that grows up to a height of 20 meters. It is commonly found in western Asia and Europe.

To prepare the crack willow herbal treatment, you just need to mix 8 tablespoons of crack willow bark with 6 tablespoons of red oak bark, 3 tablespoons of horsetail, 4 tablespoons of sage and 4 tablespoons of pilewort. Mix all the herbs well and store it in a cool dry place for future use. Before you go to bed, add half a teaspoon of the herb mixture into 2 cups of boiling water.

Cover the concoction and wait for a few minutes until it reaches room temperature. Strain the mixture and use it as a rectal enema. You can use this whenever you are constipated or having painful bowel movements, which usually leads to the growth of hemorrhoids.

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