How to Build Your Own Chlorine Generator

You already have a swimming pool but you spend so much money in chemicals like chlorine, algae control and stuff to get a higher pH and then… you need something to lower the PH. Let’s say, you are bored and you heard about those easy to clean and maintain saltwater swimming pools. You’ve heard too that those saltwater chlorine generators are really expensive to install and start up…

The good news is that you can manage to build your very own chlorine generator. I’m not gonna lie to you, but the hardest part in doing this is getting the right materials.

But first, how does these systems works? It’s a simple chemical law that we call electrolysis. You need and anode and a cathode of metal and electrical current to break the salt into chlorine. I will not go deep into the process but there is a cycle happening in your pool so that you don’t ever need to add more salt or other chemicals. So you save lots of money once your system is paid.

I’ve tried lots of different metals to do this and found out that the one being used in all chlorine generator systems is expanded titanium. Expanded cause they take a sheet of titanium and they cut holes in it and then expanded it so it looks like a big screen. This maximizes the area for electrolysis to happen.

Once you manage to find titanium (I’ve found mine on eBay), the job is almost done. All you need to do is to get to pieces of that metal and keep them close to each other and induce a current in it. I used a 12 volts computer power supply for that purpose. Then you build your device, you can make it like a hang-on side of your pool or you could even enclose it in some way that you plug it in-line with your filtration system.

Then you’ll need to had some salt to your water. Go to your local pool store and look on the bag of salt, they tell how much you need to had to your swimming pool. I have a 27 feet above ground one and I had to add 9 bags in it. Which cost me around 90$. The good news is that you don’t have to add some more ever. Unless you have to replace the water.

Set it all together and start your pool. You won’t imagine how easy and fun that project can be. Happy swimming season everyone!

Source by Christian Galipeau

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