How to Clean & Polish Aluminum Pontoons in Less than 60 minutes

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ALUMABUFF is the best way to clean aluminum and polish out the stains, streaks and white cloud that plague pontoon boats.It’s water based and free rinsing so the restored surface is ready for a protective coating like ALUMETRON™. You don’t have to remove the residual wax, silicone or oil left behind by traditional aluminum polish or rubbing compound. It can be used by hand or with a LINEAR BUFFER™ (Recommended) to save time and labour.

It’s formulated to remove stains, tarnish, white streaks, oxidation, corrosion and cloud from mill finished aluminum quickly and easily, without the necessity of messy and dirty aluminum polish or rubbing compounds. Aluminum pontoons can be cleaned and polished in less time and with less material. You save time, labour and money.

Pontoon boats look amazing when they are shiny and new. Regrettably the aluminum pontoons begin to streak and stain from the water and atmospheric, pollutants. The questions that pontoon boat owners constantly ask are: 1. How to polish aluminum? 2. How to clean aluminum? The traditional way of cleaning aluminum and polishing aluminum with corrosive aluminum cleaner and abrasive aluminum polish is hard, dirty work and takes a long time. ALUMABUFF works both chemically and mechanically. When you use it with the special ALUMABUFF PADS and a LINEAR BUFFER, it quickly restores the aluminum pontoons to their original appearance.

Even expensive triton pontoon boats and luxury pontoon boats will lose their value if the pontoons are corroded, streaked and stained. Shiny, silver colored pontoons can easily add 10% or more to the value of your pontoon boat and let, you enjoy greater pride of ownership when your boat looks ship shape. The best way for polishing aluminum and cleaning aluminum pontoons and aluminum boats is with ALUMABUFF. The HYPEXINE leaching agent in ALUMABUFF pulls the stains to the surface, where they can be rapidly stripped away with the special ALUMABUFF PAD so you don’t have to spend days grinding away the surface. Ongoing maintenance much easier when the restored surface maintains the mill finish your pontoon boat had when it was new.

A beautiful pontoon boat with dirty, stained, streaky pontoons is like a beautiful automobile with rusty wheels and bald tires. It’s just wrong.

When chemical cleaners and brighteners fail to restore that silver look to your pontoons, the only solution is to buff out the stains and corrosion.

The problem is, using old fashioned rubbing compounds or metal polish is a dirty, expensive and very time consuming job. It can take 20 to 30 hours of hard labour. That’s why no one wants to do it and that’s why boat detailers charges thousands of dollars to do this job.


But now, there is a better way.

Today, we’re going to show you how easy it is to buff the stains and streaks from a 22 foot aluminum pontoon, in under 60 minutes.

We’re going to use ALUMABUFF and a LINEAR BUFFER to remove the stains, streaks and oxidization and restore this pontoon. The challenge is to get it done in 60 minutes, or less. Buffing a pontoon like this, using old fashioned compounds and metal polish, can take 10 hours, or more. Our Challenge is to get it done in only 1 hour. Can we do it?

First we prime the pad. Next, we apply ALUMABUFF to a 3 to 4 square foot area.
Now, start the buffer and place it on the pontoon. Apply pressure and work the buffer from the top to the bottom. Adjust the speed and pressure as you move the buffer, so that you remove all the stains in one pass. Continue along the length of the pontoon, overlapping slightly.

ALUMABUFF is easy to use and it will save you a ton of time and money. Anyone can get professional results with a bit of practice. Getting a friend to help makes the job go faster. Buffing with metal polish or rubbing compound is harder, more time consuming and really dirty work. This is better faster and easier. Buffing out the dents and recesses takes a little extra time and may have to be done by hand.

A quick rinse and we’re done. All of the stains, streaks and corrosion are gone and the pontoon is restored to its silver appearance.

We did it. All the stains, streaks and corrosion are gone, in under 60 minutes.

That was easy and Fun.

For more information and to buy Alumabuff, ask your pontoon dealer or visit our Website. You can now coat your restored pontoons with Alumetron to keep them clean and shiny for up to 5 years.

We recommend protecting your pontoons below the waterline with VS721, to reduce future attachment of marine growth and to make clean up easier.

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