How To Make A Cleaner, Greener New Zealand Environment: Hazardous Waste Management

New Zealand boasts a clean, green, environmentally utopic image to the rest of the world. We pride ourselves on being 100% pure and natural, but sadly our badge of honour is fading and our true colours are starting to shine through.

Pollution coupled with the increasing amount of solid and liquid hazardous waste is a growing concern, threatening our environment, our oceans, our sustainability, and our health. The aftermath of the earthquakes in the South Island see millions of dollars spent on recycling, managing and disposing of hazardous waste debris, whilst in the North Island we are becoming plagued with water pollution.

Whilst we can’t prevent all types of waste, we can help to make a cleaner, green NZ. Large businesses account for the majority of hazardous and chemical waste pollution,therefore it is essential that these companies realise the negative effects that poor waste management is causing and take control by educating their employees and hire a certified, professional waste management service to deal with the handling, transport, treatment and elimination procedures.

Many large and small businesses here in New Zealand use a company whom they entrust their corporate waste to. Unfortunately, it has come to light that some of these companies are more than happy to take your waste off you, for a large amount of money, yet they do not follow through with the intended disposal agreement; instead they pocket the cash and dump the waste illegally, causing catastrophic damage to our environment and clean, green image.

For NZ Business’s: It is important that when choosing a waste management company that you can trust them to dispose of your waste safely and efficiently. To be sure that your waste company is recycling or destroying your waste as agreed, you are entitled – and encouraged – to ask for a disposal certificate. This guarantees that your waste has been transported, handled and disposed of correctly, giving you and your business peace of mind.

By organisations working together with waste management and disposal companies, we can work towards improving New Zealand’s clean, green image. But further to waste disposal being hazardous and damaging towards our environment, it is also costly. However, if you take the time to shop around you can find a waste management service that you can trust and who will actually save you money!

A great locally owned kiwi company will also offer you services such as health & safety training, chemical safety training, environmental compliance training, auditing and more. You should always check that your waste management company is;

o Approved Handlers Certified

o Bulk Dangerous Goods Driver Endorsed

o Heavy Vehicle Class 4 Licenced

o Consented Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility

If you are wondering if you have hazardous substances on your company property, some of the main hazardous waste materials in New Zealand include – but are not limited to;

• Solvents

• Pesticides

• Lab Chemicals

• Industrial Chemicals

• Paint, Oils, Thinners

• Expired Products

• Aerosols

• Oxidising Agents

• Acids and Bases

• Reactive Chemicals

• Caustics/Bases/Alkalis

All of these hazardous and chemical waste products can be dealt with in a safe, controlled manner by waste management specialists in your area. Let’s keep New Zealand clean and green!

Source by Daniel Allen

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