INDIE ROCK – Ultimate Indie-Music – The Greenhouse Effect It Ain’t Easy – Web Celebrities 2004. 2005 “Star” Bmi Recordings.

2,166,045 Views – GoogleVideoCom Videos 2007 – The Greenhouse Effect hit Myspace and Youtube Hard over the Summers of 2005 and 2006 to the tune of the internet’s Biggest Airplay and their ‘indie-rock’ Sound is key; “What is real indie rock ??” Says Clark Hagins in a question; “It is knowing about bands like the Minutemen and Swa and other SST Records recording artists,… and if You should know about “A Noise Agency”,…then you really are indie !!” Says Haggins. Growing up on bands like Black Flag and the Pixies was not enough for Hagins as he went further and explored the guitar styles of Brian Eno, Talking Heads, and others; “On a track like ‘It Ain’t Easy’, the guitars appear to be sloppy and disjointed but real indie people would know that that is intentional” Says Haggins. “Today’s music sucks ,…I fucking hate shit like Modest Mouse and My Chemical Romance and all that other Myspace shit,…it knows nothing about style and soul…. a lot of those bands just suck and they know it..” Los Angeles’ Greenhouse Effect ( Redondo Beach Ca to be exact ) attack the web with totally unique and unorthodox tactics and methods that get them the biggest web traffic and notoriety on the Net; “People are into our music and we get major attention – we get the most attention – Period” Says Hagins who expects a record deal soon by 2007 or 2008; “We get a ton of interest and emails but a whole lotta’ scammers have asked ‘me’ to pay them and they will get me on the radio and things like that,….I keep hearing about 100 People a day tell me that “Brandy” could be a major hit song but that I gotta pay the piper ,…I realize now that this shit really does cost money ,…I guess I knew it all along !!” Greenhouse Effect are simply inundated with Spam emails from production Companies galore but as of yet, no official real record labels really; “Well,..there was one ,..but they basically offered me no money at all but they said they could get our shit all over the radio ,…I didn’t believe them..” – “Brandy” and “It Ain’t Easy ” seem to score big with listeners world wide but then there is the classic “Shes a Bitch….And then you Live” ( Mysogynistia ) which has become a real cyberspace winner for the band; “We put our music in Surfing Videos now,..we’ve discovered that is a great song vehicle” Says Haggins. Hagins says that he does not like to see bands like Death Cab for Cutie in Surf Videos ; “I hate that band,…they fucking Suck” Says Haggins. In 2009, G.e. Saw a Large Youtube account with Millions of Plays suddenly and unexpectedly deleted and without warning; “It’s very hard work on here to get big plays like we do,… you have to come up with all kinds of tricks ,…if you can sneak your songs into a Popular Pro Surfing Video than more Power to you” Says Haggins. “I do see rock music being slowly destroyed,… People are expecting music to be less melodic each year ,..they settle for much less now” Says Haggins. “When things like big Youtube Accounts or big BlipTv Accounts are banned,… it can be more than a head ache,… it can be devastating because videos and blogs are what I do ,’s the very bread and butter.” Says Hagins. Blogging is key to Video success says Haggins; “You have to be very skilled at writing as well as video and you have to know how to write a ton of fucking shit and be very patient,… you gotta know how to talk to yourself or nobody is gonna’ watch yer shit ,…it’s tough on here” – ROCK CITY PROMOTIONS – BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS. 2010.

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