InMotion Hosting Review- Is It Worth The Hype? (Honest Review)

InMotion Hosting Review- Is It Worth The Hype? (Honest Review)

InMotion Hosting Review- Is It Worth The Hype? (Honest Review)
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Today, many established web hosting providers claim to be superior in speed, support, and reasonable pricing as compared to their competitors.

But here’s the catch:

Oftentimes, established hosting companies take advantage of their brand name and flashy ad campaigns to sell more instead of using it to provide more value to their customers.

Luckily, InMotion Hosting sets them apart by providing additional value to customers, investing in secure, fast, and reliable web hosting solutions.

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Since 2001, InMotion Hosting has grown a customer base of over 300,000 domains and data centers worldwide.

Reasonably, one might ask: what makes InMotion Hosting invincible in the web hosting industry?

Is InMotion Hosting reliable, or they just another established host getting by through flaunting their reputation alone?

In this InMotion Hosting review, we’ll take a look at every aspect of InMotion Hosting, like the key features, freebies, performance, speed, customer support, pricing, and value, followed by a list of the pros and cons.

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Let’s dive in.

In-depth InMotion Hosting Review — Is it Worth The Hype?

InMotion in Summary

InMotion Hosting has a solid reputation and has been a top-rated CNET-certified web hosting company for more than 17 years.

No matter what your needs require, InMotion offers various hosting solutions with reasonable pricing options.

They provide a wide range of web hosting services, such as :

Business hosting

Managed WordPress

Cloud VPS

Reseller plans

Dedicated servers

Additionally, InMotion offers a powerful website builder that you can use to build websites/blogs from scratch.

Specifically for WordPress, InMotion comes with WordPress hosting that is managed and optimized by experts.

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Let’s take a closer look at the key features and benefits of InMotion Hosting.

Key Features & Benefits of InMotion

Free Website Transfers

InMotion offers free website migration to its customers and promises that your website will experience zero downtime while they perform this transfer.

Free SSL Certificate

While other web hosts don’t provide their customers with a free SSL certificate, InMotion comes with free SSL certificates that put secure tags (HTTPs) on your websites.

An SSL certificate is extremely important, as Google prefers sites secured with HTTPs, so having this additional security is a huge benefit of using InMotion’s services.

Free Website Backups

They offer free website backups and renew backups of your website on a daily basis.

Other web hosting providers and established hosting platforms like GoDaddy don’t offer free backups or SiteGround backups for your website data on a weekly basis.

Also, the restoration of website data is free if used once every four months.

Easy Setup

InMotion Hosting is easy to set up. Customers won’t face any issues in setting up a website after purchasing the hosting. InMotion comes with a one-click app installer and free website builder for new websites.

Free SSD Drives

InMotion Hosting offers free SSD drives with all plans—most other web hosting services only offer traditional HDD drives with servers.

SSDs perform about 20% faster than traditional HHDs.

Furthermore, the SSD drive-based servers of InMotion Hosting are built to deliver faster loading times and faster retrieval of data for your websites.

Multiple Data Centers & Max Speed Zones

InMotion Hosting has multiple data centers and comes with Max Speed Zones: geographical locations within a certain range of data centers. If you are located within a Max Speed Zone, InMotion guarantees that your website will load at least 6 times faster.

Strong Security (DDoS Protection)

InMotion takes security very seriously, monitoring your website’s security 24/7 to make sure it is safe and secure.

Each website hosted through InMotion is covered by DDoS protection, using advanced firewall systems like ModSecurity.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Many web hosting providers offer only a 30-day money-back guarantee. In contrast, InMotion offers 90 days of money-back guarantee because they are confident in the quality of their services.

Premium Sucuri Plugin

Standard WordPress hosting comes equipped with the Sucuri Plugin: a premium, all-in-one security plugin that costs around $200/Year. However, InMotion is offering it for free.

Google Apps Integration

With InMotion, you can connect with Google Apps in three simple steps. Some established web hosts like GoDaddy require you to pay for their subpar email clients.

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InMotion Hosting Performance & Speed

When it comes to ensuring the reliability of web hosting services, we need to review its uptime, because we don’t want our website to go offline.

The uptime of a website refers to the amount of time your website is up and running online for users to browse.

Most web hosting providers tend to have average uptimes between 95% to 98%.

Based on our research, we found that InMotion Hosting has an average uptime of 99.97%.

Another performance indicator of InMotion Hosting is their server speed. InMotion currently has two US-based data centers that are located on either coast. Additionally, InMotion Hosting uses SSD drives for all of their servers.

Overall, InMotion server speeds are fast on a global scale. On average, InMotion has an average page loading time of 827ms.

In other words, they are 7.4% faster than competitors who have an average loading time of 890ms.

This is quite an important statistic, as speed is also one of Google’s algorithms that affects your rankings.

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InMotion Hosting Pricing & Value

InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting services, such as shared hosting, managed WordPress, Cloud VPS, reseller plans, dedicated servers, and more.

No matter which hosting package you opt for, InMotion Hosting prices are extremely affordable.

Here’s a quick overview of InMotion’s pricing plans.

Shared Hosting Plans

InMotion shared hosting, AKA, their “business hosting” plan, starts at $3.99/Month. They offer three different plans:

Launch Plus: This plan starts at $3.99/Month and supports 2 websites.

Power Plan: This plan starts at $5.99/Month and supports 6 websites.

Pro Plan: This plan starts at $5.99/Month and supports unlimited websites.

All shared hosting plans include free domain transfers, free SSL, 24/7 customer support, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and many marketing and security tools.

All plans are even backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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WordPress Hosting Plans

InMotion’s WordPress hosting is optimized for speed and reliability.

The basic plan starts at $4.99/Month. If you’re a beginner, consider getting started with this plan.

InMotion Hosting WordPress Plans:

WP-1000S: This plan starts at $4.99/Month for one website (Great for beginners).

WP-2000S: This plan starts at $7.99/Month for 2 websites (Great for small and medium business & blogging).

With every plan, InMotion Hosting offers free SSD storage, 24/7 expert support, unlimited email accounts, and more. For your convenience, every plan comes with pre-installed WordPress.

If you choose the premium plan, you’ll even get access to great plugins and theme bundles (200+ free themes).

Again, every plan is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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All InMotion Hosting Plans Include

Free Domain: Yes!

Ease of Signup: Get started in five simple steps (Follow our sign-up guide below).

Payment Methods: Supports credit cards, checks, and purchase orders.

Account Activation: Account activation takes little to no time.

Dashboard & cPanel Experience: Offers a cPanel with a simple interface.

App Installation (WordPress, Joomla): Offers one-click installation of popular CMS platforms and apps.

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To claim this exclusive InMotion discount coupon, you need to visit the InMotion website using our special discount link. Next, just follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Click any link on this page.

Step 2: Choose a plan, and click on the “Order Now” button to proceed.

Step 3: Review your hosting options.

Step 4: Create an account and enter your billing information.

Step 5: Review your order and checkout.

Note: Follow these steps carefully to claim the maximum discount offers on InMotion.

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InMotion Hosting Customer Support: Fast, or Just Like Others?

InMotion Hosting claims that they are number one in web hosting customer service.

Frankly speaking, many established web hosting offers an unreliable and ineffective customer service.

Comparatively, InMotion provides expert customer support in the form of live chat, phone, email, and support tickets from your dashboard.

They will assist you with your challenges or questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Upon testing their customer service via submitting a ticket, within 2 minutes we were connected to live support. The agent solved our problem right away.

Also, for dedicated hosting customers, they offer one-on-one customer support.

The customer support team is a well-trained collection of experts, solving your problem quickly and consuming less time. All of the customer support staff have at least 160 hours of internal training before they are trusted to interact with customers.

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Which InMotion Hosting Plan is Best for You?

After going through this InMotion Hosting review, you’re hopefully in a better position to choose a plan that is tailored to you.

Our recommendations are listed below:

We’re taking the example of the shared hosting plan of InMotionHosting, whose basic plan starts at $3.95/Month.

If you’re just starting out and intend to run a basic website, consider choosing the Launch Plan.

If you intend to run a WordPress or other CMS-powered website then consider choosing the Power Plan.

If you intend to run a larger website and need more features & resources, then consider choosing the Pro Plan.

After initially selecting a plan, you can always upgrade to a higher hosting plan if you require more resources and features.

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Pros & Cons of InMotion Hosting


24/7 expert support

Average uptime of 99.97%

Blazing-fast server speed

Free domain migration

CDN included with every plan

Free private SSL certificate

Free automatic daily backups

Hacks & malware protection

One-click app installations

Managed WordPress hosting

90-day money-back guarantee

Free website builder, plus free themes & plugins


Limitation in some plans

Delayed verification process (Manual verification)

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Conclusion: Is InMotion Right for You?

Through our experience with InMotion Hosting, we believe that they go above and beyond our expectations.

Undoubtedly, InMotion Hosting offers fast, reliable, and affordable web hosting services.

When we compare InMotion Hosting to other established hosts like BlueHost and HostGator, then InMotion stands apart with many superb features and freebies.

Furthermore, they are keen to provide superior customer support, solid uptimes, and various web hosting options to choose from.

If you’re willing to kickstart your online venture, then we strongly recommend getting started with InMotion Hosting right away.

Don’t forget to use our special discount to claim up to 50% off on various InMotion Hosting packages.

Keep in mind that all InMotion Hosting plans are backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you enjoyed this InMotion Hosting review and felt that it provided you with better insights to InMotion Hosting, then feel free to share it.

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InMotion Hosting Review- Is It Worth The Hype? (Honest Review)


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