Lewis Diagrams Made Easy: How to Draw Lewis Dot Structures

Ketzbook demonstrates how to draw Lewis diagrams for elements and simple molecules using an easy-to-follow step-by-step explanation with several examples. Check out the following ↓↓↓

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Lewis diagrams (aka Lewis structures, Lewis dot structures, Lewis dot diagrams) are useful because they use simple drawings to show how atoms share valence electrons in molecules, polyatomic ions, and other covalent structures. This is my first tutorial in the series.

Please also see the second video in my Lewis diagram series:

For simple molecules, follow these 5 steps:
1) count all the valence electrons
2) put the singular atom in the middle
3) draw in single bonds
4) put remaining electrons in as lone pairs
5) give every atom an octet or duet by turning lone pairs into double or triple bonds as needed

My goal is to make chemistry easier 😉

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40 thoughts on “Lewis Diagrams Made Easy: How to Draw Lewis Dot Structures

  1. Can i just say, thank you so much for this video and for replying to the comments even after 5 years of the video being released. You're the real one

  2. I never knew that it was this easy.in university lectures it’s way more complicated. I failed general chemistry now I’m repeating it. In finales and midterms I always got Lewis structure questions that I underestimated but not anymore.

  3. Thank you so much sir for such an easy explanation , I tried making a few more structures for practice and they were all right . Thank you once again !

  4. can some one explain me why boron doesnt make any compounds in ground state ?
    it has one unpaired electron in ground state but still why doesnt it make a single bond ??

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