Mac OSX Catalina update is bricking machines, here's a potential fix

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43 thoughts on “Mac OSX Catalina update is bricking machines, here's a potential fix

  1. Magnificent how Hackermaniac works on Instagram. He helped me fix my MacBook Air. When I really needed it. I was referred to him by a friend of mine in Texas and the hacker proved he was right in solving my problem. So my recommendation to you is that Hackermaniac on Instagram is the best and most reliable source to fix all Apple devices

  2. Hi Louis, I've recently try to install catalina on my mac pro 3.1 and it would read the bootable drive, on the video said I had to install apfs bootrom so I did, I've deleted the ssd to apfs and tried to install it no luck on that,i then remove the ssd from mp erase it back to extended journaled no luck on that either. Right now I have the circle with line and doesn't allow me to install not even the original snow leopard CD on it does show error with kernel (0xe). Could you please help me with this? I'm a newbie on mac computers. What can I do to make it work again? And the problem is mp doesn't have Internet recovery or the keys command, option, R ain't working for me though. I though it would be as easy as access time machine and restore it back to were it was but even though it show the disk I have the time machine won't start from it? Thank you so much in advance

  3. when I tried to update my late 2013 iMac to Catalina, it totally shut down my computer. It won't ever power up to make any kind of repair. Apple said it is the logic board that is dead. A local tech told me he bets it is the hard drive. What can it be. I would love to get this machine going again. If you will send me some info.

  4. Hello all, I had same problem until a colleague recommended CYBER_KOR on Instagram and he got it working fine again.. He is also on whatsapp + 1 347 830 3644. .Thank me later 😀👍

  5. I'm having cracking noises on the right speaker of my MacBook few days after i upgraded it. Could you please help me? Coz everytime i play music or videos, the cracking noises from the speakers wouldn't go away. Forgive me for my english, it's not my first language

  6. Removing that file speeds up the boot up process. Running of programs even in succession is much faster this time after that file was removed. That thing slows down everything on macbook pro mid 2015.

  7. So I installed an audio program for a device called Apogee One, the program appears to have bricked my MacBook Pro early 2014 which I had put Catalina on last week, without any issues. I copied down the 4 step list you showed on the screen. I presume I enter this in the terminal? How can I get mac booted up? Right now my mac starts up with the logo and task bar, which gets very slow, completes but then just hangs there. I tried holding down the shift key during start up but this didn't do anything. Any thoughts?

  8. After upgrading to cursed Catalina my Kernel_task spikes to 500% even if I have no apps on :(. So frustrating, after I sent in my logs to Apple Forum they said it’s because I had “System Information” window on while diagnosing. ??? So dumb smh.

  9. I'm basically fucked , i upgraded to catalina on 2012 macbook pro, it was slow but working.
    After that i tried to install windows on it with bootcamp, it didn't work and i was stuck on mac booting to the install flashdrive, the boot commands didn t want to work i somehow changed the startup disk, it worked for a bit after that and now the screen is black after login page and none of the commands want to work, i can t do nothing i just want high sierra back but i can t access nothing cmd+r , option… and all of them don t do nothing.

  10. Hello everyone. Late to the party but… Does this fix have a chance to help with kernel panic issues which rendered my Mac Mini completely unusable and broke it's internet connection after the update? It is a work computer and I'm responsible for the operation of this device. I install school MDM to student Ipads from this and now it's not working.

  11. i have two apple iMac 21,5" – 2012 sly – and both are out of service – APPLE FUCK MY 2 iMac because they have changed EFI AUTOMATICALLY WHEN i put CTALINA !!! AND THAT IS THE TRUE , nobody from apple want talk with me because i put in Twetter my story. They make all kaput for buyng a new and again and again. Thanks for your video.

  12. Hey Louis! Mildly to moderately proficient Macbook Pro user here: I just bought a used mid-2014, 3.0Ghz, 1TB, 16GB RAM Macbook Pro from someone online. Did a few tests on it before purchasing and it seemed like it worked well, but got it home and after trying to upgrade both my old and new laptops to Catalina so I could use migration assistant, the “new” laptop came up with a PPM002 error. I’ve tried erasing the disk, using Terminal to change the date, and have also re-set up the laptop (it comes with Mavericks) and then tried resetting the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM (after reading that suggestion on someone else’s blog) to no avail. I keep seeing that Catalina is causing a lot of issues so I’m hoping that I don’t truly need to replace the logic board on this new laptop, and that it’s some kind of weird Catalina-responsible issue. I can’t figure out how to upgrade the new laptop to match my old one’s 10.14.5 (Mojave) (rather than just upgrading both to Catalina – plus I don’t know if I’ll have the same issue with Mojave or not on the new laptop), so I can’t use Migration Assistant to get everything moved over to the new one…and I also want to be sure this issue isn’t going to crop up later as a serious issue and not an OS-specific issue. Do you have any suggestions on what else I could try? I’d be eternally grateful – have spent the last four days scouring the ends of the internet to find people with similar problems but have been coming up dry and my tech background has run out a long time ago haha. Thank you so much!!

  13. Just ruined my 2013 MacBook Air and am about to try and go back to Mojave. Only issue is that coronavirus is delaying the shipping date of my hard drive so that I can backup my MacBook. Essentially it freezes constantly. I wish I never “upgraded”

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