Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction & Gratitude

Do you want to bring more money into your life? Do you always struggle when it comes to manifesting money when using the law of attraction? This will help… read on….

One word… Gratitude!

Gratitude with a capital G!

By using a daily practise of gratitude you can super charge money coming into your life. First and foremost you need to be in a place of gratitude for what you already have in life. This includes the money you already have too.

Rather just thinking about what you want and keeping your focus on that you need to set your intentions then let it go, surrender and focus upon all the great things you have right now.

I find it really helps to use a daily gratitude journal, every evening before I sleep I write out the things which I am grateful for in my life, the things which have shown up during the day, however small I give thanks, I show my gratitude.

Ok, Ok, I hear you say, I am grateful for the things I have in life but I want more. I want more money to enjoy more in life. Remember ~ The Law of Attraction wants you to feel happy now, to feel how you will when all your desires and dreams have come true. By having an attitude of gratitude you can do this. Simple.

So take a moment to think about how grateful you will feel when you have all the money you desire. How do you feel? You have the money….. It’s yours…. It’s arrived…. Whoo hoo! Now this is how you should feel NOW. Then the money you desire will arrive, as if by magic:)

Thank you for reading ~ If you feel you would like to make a positive change in your life attract money by owning your own personal development business feel free to visit my website listed below ♥

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