Martingale – A Roulette Strategy (With Optimization)

I like to think of this as a light hearted article, not to be taken too seriously, the casino will, on average beat you, but everyone likes a challenge, and this may be a strategy that suits you.

Roulette is designed so the casino “house” will win, Always (but on average). Some people will win when playing roulette, but on average, the people loose, the casino wins. Especially when it comes to computer roulette, which I personally avoid like the plague. There are a few ways to actually win at roulette, and I mean win..! not some strategy like the one I’m about to explain which will have potential short term gain, but real proven methods. I might discuss them in the future!

Back to this article. As you may or not know, when playing roulette, you bet on the outcome of the ball rolling on segments of a disc, you can bet even or odd, black or red, high or low, and many other bets. If you bet on the ones i mentioned, you will double you money, however, if you loose, you loose that money you bet! Sound fair? Well it would be, except for the fact that 0 exists. And sometimes even 00 exists, 0 and 00 are neither red nor black, nor odd nor even nor high nor low. So those segments on the disc are rather undesirable! Well now that that brief intro into roulette is over, here is the martingale method, followed by optimization for the martingale method.

Here is a simple example to start off with.

You enter a casino with 100 dollars. Choose one of the 6 bets i have mentioned (red/black/high/low etc.) Lets say you chose red. Bet 1 dollar on red.

If you win, change color (to black) and start again, if you loose, double your bet on the same color.

How it might play out:
1$ on red. You win. Bet 1$ on black. You loose. Bet 2$ on black. You loose. Bet 4$ on black you win.

In case you don’t see the reasoning behind this method, I’ll explain. Every time you win, you essentially get back one dollar. That’s it. If you have a loose, loose, loose, win (doubling up each bet in the process) after those 4 bets, in total, you win 1 dollar.

Still lost?

Say you have 7$ in your pocket, take it out and bet 1$ on red. You loose, bet 2$ on red, loose again(you have bet 3 $ in total now) double your bet as usual, bet 4$on red(7$ bet in total now) you win. You get back 8$, so in total you won just 1$. so if you have a huge losing streak, and one win at the end, in all you just won 1$. Now bear in mind you can change your 1$ bet to a 10cent bet, or whatever the minimum bet is. Also, you don’t have to bet on colours, you can use any of: red / black / high / low /odd even.

But there are two ways in which this system will help you loose all your money.

1) You don’t have infinite money. No one does. And eventually (and inevitably if you play for long enough) you will have a huge losing streak, and you’ll have to bet a hell of a lot of money to win back your initial 1$bet(1$is the example I’m sticking with here) Think about it. Its common enough to have 6 or 7 or 8 looses in a row, that means to win your 1$ you’ll have to bet 128$, loose again, your gonna have to bet 256$.. 512$.. 1,024$… 2,048$…!!!! It builds up faster and more frequently than you might imagine

2The maximum bet. This will cause havoc with the system.

You can be lucky like me and have limited luck, and stop when your ahead which i managed to do, but I know that’s one of the hardest things to do.

Optimization techniques (Gambler’s fallacy)

Well technically it is not optimization. It has no real effect, but it really feels like it does or should. Say you get 200 blacks in a row. You think okay, the chances of me getting a red are really high now..! Actually this is false, and it is given the name “Gambler’s fallacy”. The human mind will think the expectancy of a red is high but the probability does not change. You have the same chance of getting a red as a black. It never changes, Ever.

But if you believe in this false effect you could play the martingale strategy more “wisely”, as in hang around a roulette table, and keep track of the results. If you notice there is a streak of the same color in a row, then bet on the alternate color.

In summary, roulette is fun but not when you loose, which will happen at some stage, so bear that in mind. And don’t forget, gambling is a sin! Thanks for reading folks!

Source by Dave Kennedy

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