Money Point – CT331, Motorised Currency Detector

A Fast and easy to use Counterfeit Note Detector. It is motorised and can be used easily at the point of sale.

This machine is the quickest and most accurate counterfeit note detector at the point of sale.

This machine uses ICD (Intelligent Code Detection) to determine whether a note is genuine or counterfeit by searching for a code hidden inside the security thread of the note.

When a valid note is passed through the machine the value of the note will be displayed on the screen. When a counterfeit note is passed through the machine, it will be rejected and an alarm buzzer will sound and it will not display a value for that note.

This counterfeit note detector will also count a number of notes been checked by the user.

Functions include:
Accurate Counterfeit Detector

Counts The Notes
Alarm Sounds To Denote A Counterfeit
Uses Intelligent Code Detection (ICD)
100% In The Euro Counterfeit ECB test
Three Currencies (Euro, GBP, NI Pound)

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