Regrouting Your Bathroom Tile Can Save You Lots of Money And Make Your Shower Look New Again

Mold, mildew and grime. We’ve all seen it on our shower tile at some point or another.

When bleach or grout cleaner doesn’t do the trick, most people panic and some may think of ripping everything out and replacing the tile as well as the tub.

The answer is to hire a regrouting service. Regrouters can make your shower sorround look new again at a fraction of the price it would cost you to replace everything.

By using an oscillating tool and a carbide blade, a good regrout can be accomplished in 5-6 hours.

First, the technician will cut all the moldy caulk from the shower pan or the bath tub. Next, the caulk from the corners will be removed. At this point we are ready for the harder part of the job, and that is grinding out most of the old grout. Once all the dust and loose grout is vacuumed out, the new grout is ready to be installed. Two good rinses to remove any grout haze, and we are now ready for a fresh bead of silicone along the corners and base joints.

A grout sealer may be applied 5-7 days later and you are now ready to enjoy your new looking shower and all this can be achieve for around $500 – $700.

Areas suitable for Regrouting

Regrouting is suitable for a variety of tiled areas, including but not limited to the following:-



Kitchen splash-backs


Balconies / patios


Why Regrout – Benefits of Regrouting

Price – Your tiled areas can look “as new” for a fraction of the cost of retiling or a full renovation. Retiling / full renovation usually including the following costs:

The new tiles themselves

Removal & disposal of the old tiles

Charge for laying and grouting the new tiles

And in the bathroom, possibly also



Replacement fixtures and fitting (taps, toilet, bath, vanity, shower screen, towel rails)

Time – In, out and done in a day or two rather than co-ordinating plumbers and tilers and other tradesmen over multiple visits.

Convenience – regrouting can usually be carried out with much less down time than retiling or a full renovation.

Environment – in today’s disposable society, why strip and replace a structurally sound tiled area to end up in land fill? A simple make-over will bring it up looking as new! Would you throw out a picture just because the frame is ugly???

Regrouting is a ‘green’ solution, saving on carbon emissions compared with tile replacement. Replacing / retiling is a poor option in an age where conservation is of concern. Do your bit to help save the environment.

Increase your property value- A well presented property can add thousands $$to the selling price, sell quicker and appeal to a broader range of buyers. Aside from the kitchen, which most home buyers consider to be the most important room in the house, the bathrooms are considered a key selling point. It makes sense to spend a fraction of the selling price on ensuring your home is presented and shown to it’s maximum potential.

Rental Property- A well presented property will attract tennants, may justify a higher rent and will generally lease quicker. An investment property is usually one of your most important assets. It makes sense to spend a fraction of its value in keeping the property well maintained and preventing problems from developing in the long-run.

General Regrouting – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you regrout wall AND floor tiles?

Yes, but not all tiles are suitable for regrouting. As a guide, the tiles must be at 4 inches square. We cannot regrout mozaic tiles or unusually shaped tiles (ie round, hexagonal, octagonal etc).

Do you regrout using grout colours other than white?

Yes, there are a range of grout colours to choose from.

Should I regrout or retile?

Regrout when:

your grout is mouldy / discoloured / cracked decayed.

the tiles are at least 4 inches square.

the tiles themselves are in good condition.

you are happy with colour of tiles.

budget / time dictates.

Retile when:

budget is not an issue.

time / inconvenience is not an issue.

the tiles are too small or otherwise not suited to regrouting.

you are not happy with the colour of the tiles.

the tiles have been resurfaced previously.

What type of tiles can you regrout?

Ceramic, vitrified, porcelain, marble, limestone, granite to name a few.

Would there be any reason that my tiles could not be regrouted?

If there are too many loose / cracked or broken tiles.

If the tiles are less than or 4 inches square.

If epoxy grouting or concrete has been used previously.

If the tiles have been resurfaced previously.

Shower / Bathroom Regrouting – Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t you just clean my shower to get rid of the mould?

No, once the mould has penetrated the grout the only way to get rid of it is to remove the existing grout, then replace it. All the cleaning in the world will only remove the mould from the surface of the grout and the mould will simply redevelop from the inside out. Further, cleaning the grout with harsh chemicals and cleaners such as bleach actually decay the grout over time, making the grout more porous and encouraging further mould development.

Will sealing the grout in my shower stop mould developing?

The short answer is No. Sealing your grout will help to protect the grout and also make it easier to clean but it does not change the environment. A shower / bathroom is obviously a wet area, with high levels of humidity – the perfect environment for mould to flourish. The best steps you can take to prolong the life of your grout and prevent mould build up are to use a quality grout with an anti-mould additive, seal the new grout, keep the area as well ventilated as possible and avoid the use of harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Why do I have to leave my shower dry prior to regrouting and how long for?

On average, you will be asked to leave your shower dry for 24 hours before and after regrouting. It is important the shower is left dry in order to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Excess moisture in the shower can lead to a condition know as bleed back which can lead to discoloration of your new grout.

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