RFID At The Water Park

The last thing you need to worry about when visiting a water park is money. Money is hard to keep dry when you are in the wave pool or enjoying yourself on the many rides and you can’t leave it just anywhere, or else it’ll be taken. Sure, there are lockers available where you can store your stuff, but they are usually placed far from the action, cost money to rent and have a key that you then have to keep with you throughout your stay.

Some may say leave your money at home, but how does that help you get access to the park in the first place or buy lunch and refreshments throughout the day? Luckily there is technology in place that can eradicate the need for money in a water park. It is called RFID or radio frequency identification and here’s how it works:

When a guest comes to the front gate and pays the admission they receive a bracelet that is waterproof but that has technology imbedded in it that will allow any and all purchases that the person makes throughout the day go directly to either a pre-approved credit card or to a tab that can be taken care of upon exiting the park. The guest simply swipes their wrist over a reader at the point of purchase and have then automatically paid for whatever they want to buy, whether it is souvenirs, food or beverages. Alternatively, the wristband holder can pay upfront and their purchases can then be debited from that amount. Best of all, the bracelet stays with the guest during their stay, whether they sit by the pool or spend all day partaking in the many rides, pools and attractions of the park.

This technology helps to make the guest’s stay more enjoyable and in the hospitality business this is key. If the water park is part of a hotel as some are these days, the room ‘key’ and the access to the other amenities the hotel has to offer–pool, gym, special rooms, etc.,- all works from that one bracelet so guests never have to fumble for a special key to get into their rooms or remember codes to get into other areas of the hotel.

Lots of guests go to water parks each year, but getting them to come back means that their experience has to be a great one, or else they will go elsewhere the next time. Keep them coming back with RFID technology that simplifies all aspects of their stay and keeps them coming back year after year.

Source by Amanda J Hales

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