Social Security is not calling!


Have you or your loved one gotten one (or more) phone calls from someone saying they are from Social Security? Join host Lenore Tracey and elder law attorney Cathy Sikorski to learn more about these scam calls and how to handle them.

Need a concrete way to respond to this type of scam call? Consider the following:

1.HANG UP – no need to say a single word!

2.Try one of the following options; print it in big letters and place it by your and your loved one’s phones:

“We don’t respond to telephone solicitations. Thank you.” HANG UP.

“I will call the Social Security Office to verify this call. Thank you.” HANG UP

Sacrifice politeness to protect your social security number and other private information!

About Our Guest:

Cathy Sikorski has been a caregiver for the last 25 years for seven different family members and friends. A published author and humorist, Sikorski is also a practicing elder law attorney. Her legal expertise and sense of humor have made her a sought-after speaker where she tackles the legal issues that affect those who will one day be or need a caregiver (which is everyone).

Cathy’s first book is a humorous memoir Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial (killer) Caregiver. That was followed by Who Moved My Teeth? – a humorous and informative book with practical and legal tips for caregivers and baby boomers. Cathy maintains an active blog “You just have to Laugh…where Caregiving is Comedy…”.

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