Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using a DTG Printer

In this video we answer all your questions about starting your own t shirt printing business using a DTG printer. Printing t shirts has never been easier with the rise and acceptance of Direct to Garment Printing (DTG). More about OmniPrint:

The beauty about using DTG machines to start your printing business is that they allow you to operate in a small space. You don’t need much room to print the t shirt designs you need, you can even print t shirts at home!

OmniPrint is a manufacturer of quality DTG machines and in this video we cover how to prepare the artwork, pre-treat your garment and print using a direct to garment printer. A t shirt printing business has never been easier to start and I hope this video allows you to better understand your options.

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Some of the topics we cover include:
0:00 Intro Into Starting a DTG Business
1:19 – What Is a DTG printer?
2:12 – How does a DTG printer Work?
5:00 – Can a DTG printer print on shoes?
6:02 – What’s the biggest reason you should consider going with a DTG printer?
7:34 – Who would benefit the most from a DTG printer?
9:00 – How easy is it to use a DTG printer?
10:05 – How good is the quality of a DTG printed t-shirt?
10:55 – Can you DTG 100 percent polyester t-shirts?
11:36 – How to DTG print 100 dark polyester t-shirts
13:35 – What are the differences between the Freejet 330TX Plus and the 330TX
16:05 – How to print on 100 percent dark polyester using a DTG Printer

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About This Video: Are DTG printers to expensive? Well in this video john santos and omniprint show you how to start a t shirt printing business using DTG (direct-to-garment). With new printing technologies like the Freejet 330TX plus you can print on dark polyesters while maintaining the best quality.

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