Support Our Troops Bracelets, Where Does the Money Go?

Search the internet for support our troops bracelets and you will find thousands of websites selling them. If you were to buy one you would expect some of your money to go to actually support our troops. However, if you dig a little deeper you will find that very few of these websites are donating any money to charity.

This may sound odd since the whole purpose of these wristbands is to support the troops. The sad truth is that the only purpose most of these wristbands serve is to pad the website owner’s wallet. Whether any of your money is donated to charity or not, these wristbands do help keep awareness high and keep the ongoing war in everyone’s thoughts. So, at least something positive is coming from the sale of these wristbands.

If you are going to purchase a support our troops bracelet make sure and research the website you are viewing to see if they have a donation policy. Many will not, but with some research you will find one. Some sites will donate anywhere from 5-25% of the purchase price to charity, while there are a couple that actually donate 100% to help support our troops.

You certainly will not have a lack of options when you go to purchase these wristbands. When they were first released they were mainly produced in yellow but now they come in about every color imaginable. You can find them in green, brown, camouflage, rainbow and of course a red, white and blue combination. You will also have a choice of what they are made of. Most will be made of 100% silicone, but others will be only partly silicone and others will be made of rubber.

Once you narrow your choice of material and color just make sure that part of your purchase price is going to charity. Also, get others involved and tell them where they can purchase their own wristbands. It is the least we can do to show our support for the men and women who are fighting for our freedom!

If you want to skip the research and go right to a site that donates part of your purchase to charity you can visit This site will donate part of your purchase price to the Armed Forces Relief Trust, a well know and respected charity that helps support the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Source by Kurt Howard

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