White Women and Asian Men Couples – Discover Why Some Asian Men Succeed With Interracial Dating

White women and Asian men couples are like mixing oil and water. But they’re out there. More than you think. A lot of Asian men want to know how they can date white women.

Is there even such a system that exists? If there were, there would be lots of money being made.

As an Asian man myself, who was born and raised in Southern California and who predominately dates CaucAsian women let me some of the best tips that might help my Asian brothers out:

Don’t go to UCLA: You want to pick up some bad social skills? Stay away from places where it’s predominately Asian. You get too used to talking with Asian girls…there is nothing wrong with Asian girls, but this article is about Asian men dating White women. This also applies to your place of work, the boba café, and your social circle. Expand your horizons.

Travel to Europe: European women love Asian men. It’s widely known, even with Asians who were raised in Europe, that Asian American men have the odds more stacked against us in the United States. (In my opinion, the odds aren’t more stacked against us; we just complain more how the odds are stacked against us)

Asian Pop-Star Haircut: Unless you want to look like a girl, go for it. But white girls want men, not girls. That style has not caught on here unless you’re hanging out in Chinatown, which is one of the places you need to avoid for a while.

Get a tan: At least fake it that you look like you go to the beach. This isn’t Asia where you’re going to get more looked down on because you’re darker. Stop with the pasty look and get some sun. This is actually an unknown secret. I’m really not sure why, though. But white girls like Asian guys who look like they’re beach bums. I’m just telling you how it is, man.

Become a FOB: Here is the biggest surprise. You can go against all of the previous tips I just gave you if you listen to this. I’ve have seen FOB’s that can pull in white girls like you wouldn’t believe. No joke. Their secret? They are unapologetic social flirtatious animals. Some say that they haven’t been exposed to the stereotypes us Western Asians know about….No duh. Asian men who were raised in the United States are gun shy when it comes to socializing with women from different backgrounds. Wake up, man..your whole excuse blaming the media and racism doesn’t hold too much weight.

Hangout at Comic-Con: Yea, the ratio can be bad, but anime, Dungeons and Dragons, Video Game playing women are into Asian guys. I’m not referring to the ladies who host or model at Comic-Con though, you stand no chance them until you’ve mastered some basic game and lifestyle theory.

Learn from Successful Asian men: I’m not talking about Asians who are successful in business but successful with women. One of the most powerful influences in your life will be from guys like this. Ditch your dorky friends who are just holding you back and start your new life today.

Source by Mark Shih

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