Why Clean Your Koi Pond?

Having a koi pond is both beneficial and laborious. Aside from the fact that it can give you a good source of relaxation, it can also be a source of headache when it comes to keeping the pond clean. Since you have decided to put up a koi fish pond, you better be ready to do these: keep the water in the pond almost as clear as crystal making the bottom of the pond visible and keep dry leaves and debris from floating on the water.

A fish pond is indeed a great upgrade and an accent to your garden. It is but a piece of nature right at your own home. The benefits that a fish pond can offer is more than the labor and money it can cost. However, it will not be successful in giving such promising things if the main part-the fish are not maintained properly. Aside from its resemblance of nature, your koi fish pond is also an outdoor fish tank which needs to be cleaned and be well-kept.

Although man-made ponds like koi ponds look and feel like nature, they are just replicas and are not natural. That is why these water feature types need to be taken extra care of. The most important thing to make sure that the filtration system is always working at its best because it holds the quality of the water. The pump system is also necessary since it keeps the water moving making it unsuitable for algae bloom and mosquitoes.

Koi in nature do not eat a lot when they are not in their natural home. So for koi pond owners, they usually feed the fish tons of food which results in a massive amount of waste from the fish and from the leftovers. If this happens, do not ignore the waste that stay at the bottom of the pond because this can be the source of energy for algae and other micro-organisms that can harm the fish. Vacuuming the bottom of the pond for at least once a year is one good way to get rid of the wastes that settle at the bottom. The drainage and filtration system of the pond also work to keep the waste from overstaying in the water.

Since the fish pond is outdoors, some things can occur and add up to the burden of cleaning it. One is the debris and other foreign objects that land and float on the water. If not removed, they can be a cause of algae growth and the water will not be as clean as it should be.

Source by Lara Davidson

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