Will This Economic Crisis Force African-American Women Back to Natural Hair?

When Chris Rock’s controversial movie, “Good Hair” came out I was appalled. Why in the world would he send out a message to America that black women do not wear their natural hair?

My anger was put to rest when I reflected on my own hair experience. Although I am highly against the idea of putting “weave” in my hair, I have seen the phenomenon with family and friends. It seems that sometime in the 90s African-American women wanted hair down their backs. The process for adding hair is a long procedure and the cost can range from the 100s to 1000s of dollars depending on the texture of hair. Many celebrities participate in this craze even woman of other races. But I noticed Mr. Rock did not address that fact. Nevertheless due to this current economic crisis, will African-American women continue to pay to have “good hair?”

Personally, I stopped putting chemicals in my hair years ago. But I know that hair care is a huge business and I see women getting their hair “done” all the time. I know this recession has slowed some of them down, but I also think that the majority of women are giving up other luxuries in order to meet the need of looking good.

Hair is not the only billion-dollar industry that is taking women’s money all in the name of “beauty.” You have cosmetics, designer clothing, and other accessories that contribute to their budget. I am sure that some women have to cut back or even stop purchasing some of these items. Some African-American women have started a movement professing their culture and wearing only their natural hair, even going back to the “afros” and braids that were popular in the 1960s. Although I am sure this movement exists, I have not seen many of these styles in my community.

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Source by Dina Harbour

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